Vip Secret Entrance


Secret Entrance

Our shows


Our Shows

Private Secret Entrance

The only strip club with a secret Vip entrance.

The Ultimate Vip

Secret Vip Entrance

The only Strip Club with a hidden entrance from entering the underground garage and going straight at the Vip Section.

Vip Private Garage

Our garage is designed to offer you the absolute privacy.

Luxury in everything

Arriving at Kinky Opera you will enter directly into the garage which is luxuriously decorated following the same style as the rest of our Strip Club.

Real Vip

Our private entrance has been loved by many prominent businessmen, footballers and celebrities.

Secret separate entrance

You will be led to the Vip Section of our Strip Club, the Opera, through a separate corridor designed so that you will not pass through any common area of ​​the club, away from prying eyes or the possibility of an unfortunate meeting.

Vip Rooms

Specially designed spaces for small or large groups for up to 20 people. They are not just some Vip Rooms, in fact is like you are renting a Strip Club just for you.

V.I.P – Gallery

Secret vip

Vip Erotic Theatre

An Opera of the real erotic senses.
Unique in Europe in quality, luxury, privacy.
The best private bachelor parties are held here.

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+30 210 9588880



154 Syngrou Ave, Kallithea, 17671


Sun. – Wed. / 23:00-06:00

Fri. – Sat. / 23:00-08:00

The best Strip Club in Athens


We are a gentlemen’s club in every sense of the word, with sexiness and sophistication, we make the difference with an unmatched class. A special strip club like no other in Athens Greece and Europe.

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