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Swingers Club

The Swingers Vip Club inside a strip club in Athens.

Kinky opera

Swinger Parties

Couples exchanging is an experience that has become quite widespread in recent years.

At Kinky Club we have a different approach to the subject of Swinging which helps a lot for couples to feel comfortable.

At our Vip Private Rooms, with the absolute privacy they provide you, you will feel comfortable with your partner and with the company of our wonderful girls and boys you will be able to proceed to Swinging.

Swing Parties for up to 20 people can be organized in the large Vip Private Rooms.


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Contact Us


+30 210 9588880



154 Syngrou Ave, Kallithea, 17671


Sun. – Wed. / 23:00-06:00

Fri. – Sat. / 23:00-08:00

The Best Strip Club in Athens


We are a gentlemen’s club in every sense of the word, with sexiness and sophistication, we make the difference with an unmatched class. A special strip club like no other in Athens Greece and Europe.

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