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Our Shows

The Real Erotic Theater

Live Strip Show. Kinky Opera, the ultimate adult theatre in Athens Greece.

Welcome in the most erotic strip club in Greece. Athens strip club opened to enchant men and women with the most sexy spectacle. The gentlemen’s club (and ladies) of Athens awaits you every day from 22.00 in the evening until the morning.
The most beautiful and sexy pole dancers and the most beautiful dancers from all around the world is here!! Offer unique live strip show, with sensuality for all tastes…
The most sexy club is unique in every sense. The largest erotic show, with the most impressive scenery, the best music with great sound and above all, clean drinks, impeccable service and good prices. The staff is at your side at any time to accommodate you.
Visit the strip show in the KINKY OPERA and you will soon see the difference. This is the largest room and strip live show in Greece with the best erotic, exotic shows and KINKY show that only the biggest clubs in the world you can encounter. Simply do not know whether to handle so many beautiful appearances and so impressive shows.

V.i.p Entrance

Ultimate Private Entrance

In your arrival at Kinky Opera by car or our limo service, we will escort you straight to the VIP Garage that is carefully designed to give the absolute privacy and luxury.
We will coordinate your immediate entry to the club, escort you straight to your chosen VIP table, at the exclusive VIP area of the club.
There is a separate entrance that starts from the garage and goes through a dedicated entrance hall that ends to the VIP section. You don’t have to walk across other customers in the main club.
It is the perfect way to enjoy our VIP services without worrying about noisy eyes or coming across people you might know. It is also the first choice of Greek celebrities, top businessmen and famous sportsmen.


Secret Vip Entrance

The only Strip Club with a hidden entrance from entering the underground garage and going straight at the Vip Section.

Vip Private Garage

Our garage is designed to offer you the absolute privacy.

Luxury in everything

Arriving at Kinky Opera you will enter directly into the garage which is luxuriously decorated following the same style as the rest of our Strip Club.

Real Vip

Our private entrance has been loved by many prominent businessmen, footballers and celebrities.

Secret separate entrance

You will be led to the Vip Section of our Strip Club, the Opera, through a separate corridor designed so that you will not pass through any common area of ​​the club, away from prying eyes or the possibility of an unfortunate meeting.

Vip Rooms 

Specially designed spaces for small or large groups for up to 20 people. They are not just some Vip Rooms, in fact is like you are renting a Strip Club just for you.


In our gallery you can see all about Kinky Club. All of our beautifull girls and boys, our place and past special events and shows. We constantly update the gallery with new media in order for you to see the latest news and upgrades.

Special Events

Special Show and Events

Our girls and boys, combine to create ultra-magnificent events for even the most demanding customers. Sure, we have incredible dancers that will take your breath away, but we pride ourselves in being more than just a strip club.
Kinky Opera is true to its name, it’s a stage with magnificent, theatrical shows and special events. It’s a real opera of sexiness with a theatrical way that makes it the most special Strip Club in Athens Greece and all Europe.
Our principles, in combination with the features and events we offer, and also our skillful team, are what set us apart from the others out there.
We are a gentlemen’s club in every sense of the word, with sexiness and sophistication, we make the difference with an unmatched class.

Free Transfer

Taxi Services

Contact us an hour before, and we will make sure to pick you up taxi free of charge from your hotel and back.

Lux Services

Limo Services

Come to KINKY OPERA and Impress with limousine service your the best friends… Please contact us at least one day before and we will be able to pick you up with limousine and bring you to the KINKY OPERA!!

New Events

Special Events

The Stag and Hen parties from the day they opened the KINKY OPERA is no longer the same!! Contact us to organise the most impressive Stag and Hen Party with so many surprises that you have not imagined.

Kinky Opera

154 Syngrou Ave

Kallithea, 17671


Contact Us


+30 210 9588880



154 Syngrou Ave, Kallithea, 17671

Opening Hours

Sun-Thu / 18:00-06:00

Fri-Sat / 18:00-08:00

Best Experience in Athens

About Us

We are a gentlemen’s club in every sense of the word, with sexiness and sophistication, we make the difference with an unmatched class. A special strip club like no other in Athens Greece and Europe.

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