Welcome to the most erotic strip club in Greece. The athens strip club was established in order to charm men and women with the most sexy super-show.Our gentlemen’s club (and ladies) of Athens awaits you every day from 22.00 at night till morning.
The most sexy and beautiful pole dancers and the most handsome dancers from all over the world are here!! and they offer a unique live strip show…
The most sexy club is unique from every aspect. The greatest erotic show, with the most impressive stage, the best music sound and above all, “clean” drinks, The best service and very good prices. The staff is always close by to serve you.

Visit the strip show at kinky Opera and you will understand the difference on the spot. It is the greatest and most luxury strip live show in Greece with the best erotic,exotic and kinky shows that only on the worlds best clubs you can meet. We just wonder if you can stand such pretty girls and shows.

Erotic nights in Athens are no longer the same… Kinky Opera «The best live strip club» heats up the city.



Impress everyone and come at KINKY OPERA by limo and the best company…


The most impressive Bachelor Parties are here, at the most erotic stage in Greece!!!


We have a free taxi for your movement to our place and your return from it.


Νέος Αέρας Αλλαγής στο Kinky Club

Ολοκληρώθηκε τον Μάιο η ανακαίνιση του Kinky Opera Live Show Theatre στην Λεωφόρο Συγγρού 154 για να υποδεχτεί τους επισκέπτες, πελάτες, περαστικούς, ανήσυχους τουρίστες [...]

Ανεβαίνει κανείς τα σκαλιά της εκκλησίας; Για ποιόν; Πότε; Πού;

Bachelor Party Η προέλευση του και η τάση στην μόδα έρχεται από την Αμερική και στα ελληνικά μεταφράζεται ως εργένικο πάρτι. Συχνά γίνεται την [...]

Pole Dancing

Όπως κάθε είδος δημιουργικής ενασχόλησης που περιλαμβάνει σωματική άσκηση, το Pole Dancing προσφέρει σταδιακά μυϊκή ενδυνάμωση και ευεξία, βελτιώνει την ευλυγισία και τη στάση [...]


Pure Sex & Passion

Visit the Kinky Opera and you will live an enchanting experience!

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